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I have been studying astrology for the last ten years, and practicing it professionally as of 2021. I practice evolutionary astrology, use whole sign house system. As a skeptic (a Gemini) I use astrology only second to my own intuition and life experience-- I see the birth chart as a neutral and fixed quantity outside of myself that can help with introspection, objectively understanding other people, or even situations. We can consider the good and bad of any placement, taking what makes sense for us and leaving the rest.

My readings are offered in a written format (approx. 2000 words) with the option of an audio recoding of the report as well (kind of like a podcast episode all about you). I do not offer live, conversational readings at this time. I find written readings to be more in depth, and something you can reference back to and process over time.

My intention is to explain astrology in a simple way, so you can understand and apply what your chart says about you. I'm sensitive to the romanization of spirituality and metaphysical themes, and aim to keep my guidance down-to-earth and common sense...and relevant to you! Outlining the major themes in your chart can help you better understand your strengths, needs, motivations or shortcomings.



Readings are $200 for 2000 words, or about 5-6 pages. General readings are available, as well as specific topics such as: career/money, friendship/love, specific question. We will correspond and get clear on what you really want to know before the reading is booked. Questions are always welcome, and reading turnaround is currently at 2 weeks after payment.

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what they are saying about me

"Sophia has a calming energy. Her readings always leave me feeling like this world is for me."

-Molly M.

"I was really impressed with the reading that I had with Sophia. It was clear that she was extremely knowledgeable on the subject, and had taken time to prepare for our session. She explained everything in a calm and clear manner, bringing my astrological chart to life with a vibrance. She is a joy to work with." -Julia W.

"Sophia brings a softness and a type of gentle creativity to the archetypes that allows a recognition in the client so that the information will be applicable to daily life. Here sensitivity allows for a precise pointing at how the energies can show up.” -Krisanne H.

"Opening my chart from Sophia felt like reading an old journal entry with notes made by a wise, old friend. Her offering is at once familiar and revelatory. I had the sense of reading old truths in a new light. Presented to me again, through Sophia's unique and intuitive lens, helped these truths sink into my self-image and the dreaming of my future. Sophia's ability to understand and interpret the astrological conditions of my birth and how they relate to my 'now' and my future has been a source of validation and inspiration. Working with Sophia is an exploration of your soul's unique constitution, it is an invitation to evolve." -Sam T.